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Who we are?

India’s cities are growing increasingly vertical, with lesser open spaces for gardens and greenery. There appears to be an urgent need to rejuvenate our living spaces with plants and nature – to connect our children with the beauty and benefits that green surroundings alone can provide.

While there are indeed many nurseries and florists to go to for sheer variety and colour in plants, the same cannot be said of the accessories to support a garden at home – be it a large independent villa or a small balcony in a condominium.

With increased attention and enthusiasm home owners are showing towards aesthetics in the urban landscape, the time appears right for the relevance of world class products in Gardens and Tools to be introduced to the Indian market.

Our Store



Business Development and Marketing

We are a business development and marketing firm successfully developing markets for ideas and strategies for many corporates, non-government organizations and government agencies for over 8 years. With our own interest in caring for the environment as a personal CSR motto the company initiated a new division – Garden Store.

The Garden Store is spearheaded by Deepa Vijay, proprietor has passionate interest in nature, design and our future – namely the stake our children have in it. Her interest motivated her to develop options for homes to bring the beauty of gardens within home with accessories that support your care and visibility for nature.