• Round wall holder

    Round wall holder

    Great for balcony wall

    Price : Rs. 4,465

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    Star light with
    glass candle

    Great gifts for the festive season

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  • Designer Water Can

    Designer Water Can

    Ideal for small garden

    Price : Rs. 600

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    Rs. 875 Rs. 975 In Stock

    Beautify your garden with this wonderful lantern made of terracotta. These lanterns look great when lit with candles or bulbs!

    Rs. 875 Rs. 975
    Reduced price!
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    Rs. 70 In Stock

    -It contains ideal proportion of sterile coco peat, vermicompost, perlite, vermiculite, NPK & micro nutrients. -Controlled release fertilizer for balanced plant nutrition over a period of several months. -Excellent water holding capacity so that the plant does not stress in extreme conditions.

    Rs. 70
    In Stock
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    Rs. 165 In Stock

    Panchakavvyam contains cow dung, cow's urine, cow's milk, cow's curd, cow's ghee, sugarcane juice and tender coconut water, ripe banana and water.It is an organic liquid manure. 

    Rs. 165
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    Rs. 75 In Stock

    -It contains beneficial microbes and enzymes which accelerates composting. -Ideal for home composting and waste management. -Spray whenever adding a new layer of organic wastes to the composting bin.

    Rs. 75
    In Stock
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    Rs. 120 In Stock

    -Developed to help home gardeners grow healthy and maximum quality flowers with greater fragrance, colour, larger size, hardness, consistency, shelf life and storage. -It contains ideal propotion of water soluble NPK, vitamins, amino acids and plant growth hormones. -Ideal for all flowering and non-flowering plants.

    Rs. 120
    In Stock
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    Rs. 45 In Stock

    River pebbles large per kg

    Rs. 45
    In Stock
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    Rs. 99 In Stock

    -Vermiwash is a good foliar fertilizer collected from worm worked soil burrows. -It nourishes the plants -It protects the plants from diseases.

    Rs. 99
    In Stock
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    Rs. 1,200 In Stock

    The urili is made of terracotta. It is bright and welcoming. It is huge and perfect for occasions such as weddings, get-togethers and other traditional parties!

    Rs. 1,200
    In Stock

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India’s cities are growing increasingly vertical, with lesser open spaces for gardens and greenery. There appears to be an urgent need to rejuvenate our living spaces with plants and nature – to connect our children with the beauty and benefits that green surroundings alone can provide.



The inspiration to start this store came from a dream of making Chennai green and clean.

As the old houses are soon vanishing and turning into high rise buildings, one yearns for some fresh air to breathe in. In a small way, we want to start by greening our own surroundings and look after our environment. The change starts from each one of us.